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if you're the praying kind, turn this song into a prayer

It's not exactly U2 News or anything, but I thought you guys would enjoy hearing it.

Bono as My Inspiration
I just finished writing my huge term paper for my Military History course. Giant research paper. I did it on the Irish Regiments in the First World War -- specifically the 16th Irish and 36th Ulster Division (sorry the 10th Irish Division!)

Anyways, I'm not that great at writing "bang" introductions or conclusions -- ones that catch your attention or spark you to something beyond the topic. And although my introduction still needs work, I'm pretty happy with the conclusion, especially the last two sentences. Lucky I was watching Slane at the time. The poem at the end was written by Irish Soldier T.M. Kettle :)

The unveiling of the Irish Peace Tower at Messines on November 11, 1998, began a new era in Irish history. The inauguration was the first public event undertaken jointly by a British monarch and the president of Ireland, and the project was funded by both the Irish and British governments. Eighty years after the armistice, the sacrifices and unity of the 16th Irish Division and 36th Ulster Division during the First World War were finally publicly recognized and acknowledged. Only four months later, 29 people were killed in a Real IRA bombing in the market town of Omagh. 29 people too many.

Know that we fools, now with the foolish dead,
Died not for a flag, nor King, nor Emperor,
But for a dream, born in a herdsman's shed,
And for the secret Scripture of the poor.
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