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U2 Song of The Day

Today's selection is "Lemon" from Zooropa (1993).

Thoughts: It's definitely a departure. In this case, I think it's brave for a band like U2 to experiment with different types of formats musically. Often times, rock bands will stick with their own sound (if it's unique enough to be entirely distinguishable from any other band) and churn out album after album, never getting the oppotunity to grow as musicians. That being said, I love the song's driving bass rhythm throughout the song and the very image-oriented lyrics. Yes, Bono does sound like someone else. But it doesn't deter from the song. I think the one problem with the song is that it's an epic seven minutes long and I think that time could have been sliced off on the song and it would not have lost its impact or become mundane.

Yesterday: "Angel of Harlem".
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