popcorn (films) wrote in u2,

Insted of a U2 Tour Shirt

This morning I was wondering around a store and I saw that delux edition of the new album (the cd/dvd/book and yes it was kind of alot of money but i thought to my self when you go to the tour all the merchendice will be way way over priced like a shirt would run about $25 or more and what other stuff have you (NOTE for those who are going on Monday keep an eye out on the merchendice and report back) so i thought to my self well I would rather have the delux editon then pay $25 for something u can get for way less somewhere eles or u get the idea. well so i am kind of happy of getting the delux version. now i have thealbum twice - U2 Digital Box set and now on cd. haha.
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