the muddafukin czar of neptune (echoboom) wrote in u2,
the muddafukin czar of neptune

ok, this goes out the diehard fans....

now i think we all believe that the elevation tour was an incredible spectacle....

one thing we all argued about was, what are they going to play on this tour? how many new songs, how many classics and how many otherswill be included...

id say the tour was a major push for the best of , and there werent that many suprises.....(how many POP/ZOOROPA songs were there.....?

so my question is: what songs do you think they need to retire? or what songs should they have ditched on this last tour
....for whatever reasons, whether you have personal reasons, or if your thinking about the 20, 000 other people in the arena.....

i know we have all kinds of ideas.....(you dont have to, but, try to talk about the 1st or 2nd leg of the tour..the 3rd leg, being post 9/11 led to some new emotions in songs that were different than before...)

bullet the blue sky--emotional and raw....way back in id say its lost some of its impact and energy.. would rather hear exit, when i look at the world., do u feel loved, zoo station..

with or without you--a song theyve played at every tour stop since the, but ive grown tired of it....bonos voice isnt as strong on this one anymore...

new york its an allright song off of ATYCLB, but no where near as good aswhen i look at worldor always...(or course on the 3rd leg, it was great..)

stuck in a moment yes a decent song, (it hadnt been a single yet) but its placement slowed down the show...wouldve rather heard stay(which they didnt play at any the shows i went to.....) or ultraviolet, running to stand still, slow dancing, two shots of happy, whos..wild horses...

sweetest thingcute, fun, cute......glad that they played a song i hadnt seen before...but once again Stay, babyface, please, lemon, even holy joe wouldve been cool

mysterious ways--when played on this tour, it seemed a little dull and not as uplifting , especially in comparison to the zootv/popmart could have skipped this tour but been brought back for the next (much like the fly was an awesome inclusion on this tour, having been skipped duging popmart...)

but i think it was awesome that they played BAD, and GONE on this tour...especially gone, cause not many people even knew that song......and i think its awesome...and would BAD have been as great this time had they played it on Zootv & Popmart...maybe thats another question at another time..
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