Karen (pigpen7) wrote in u2,

I need help? ok i try to know about all things U2, but my mom just come into the living room and asked me " is tear down the walls" by Bono (which she always says his name wrong) and bruce springsteen any good" ? the talk radio station that she listens to one of the guys either was talking about it or played the song on his show? I ve never heard of it, or even remotly have a clue that they did a duet together??? the only thing that popped into my mind was "tear down the walls that hold me inside..."from where the streets have no name... but thats all the info i have about the question she asked me and she doesnt even know what shes talking about. I tried to ask her to tell me more and she got aggravated and said thats all the guy said about it?? if anyone has the slightest clue about what she talking about please help me cuz its really going to bother me?? thanks
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