Tammy (ruffian114) wrote in u2,

SD Wed Show & Most Underrated U2 Album

First, was wondering if there was anyone heading to Wed's San Diego concert? Particularly people with general admission that wouldn't mind me crashing their party since i'm flying solo.

Part 2, i've been thinking about this for awhile now and figured i'd run it by you all. What do you think is U2's most underrated album? I'd have to go with the Unforgettable Fire. I mean Pride is one of u2's top 5 songs I'd say, and then bad, a sort of homecoming, mlk, the unforgettable fire are all amazing as well. i think it mainly had the misfortune of coming out between war (which was the breakout album) & the joshua tree (which was the joshua tree)

very close second place would have to be pop. not as good an album but still pretty damn good, and it just gets trashed.
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