corianderstem (corianderstem) wrote in u2,

Eeeee! The excitement!

It just hit me that the tour starts TOMORROW! Wow. I was toying with the idea of trying to stay "spoiler-free," and avoid all talk of the shows, and of the setlists.

But I can't do it. I want to know what the first song is. I want to know what the last song is. I want to know how far back they're reaching in their catalog. I want to know how high the soles of Bono's shoes are, and if his hair looks good. *g*


Has anyone heard anything further about the shows being released on iTunes? I'm of mixed feelings on it. On the one hand: awesome! Great quality shows available without having to search every corner of the internet! On the other hand: well, it kind of takes the fun out of trading. And me? I'm a completist. If it's there for sale, I'm going to want it. So part of me is hoping that a) they're reasonably priced; and b) they don't release every single show, because I'll spend too much money on them.

Also, maybe this is old news, but it looks like eBay is a decent place to look for single tickets. I'm bidding on a single ticket for the first Seattle show for below-face value. Granted, it's a nosebleed seat that's almost behind the stage, but I just want to be there! It looks like the single tickets are reasonably priced; it's the multiple tickets that are going for rage-inducing prices.

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