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1 Portland GA ticket for sale

Testing the water here, not sure if there will be any interest at the moment seeing as its so far away. But it seems a waste to have a ticket going spare saving somebody ebay evilness.

I have 1 GA ticket available for the Portland show. Ticket is on willcall only, as I'm coming over from the UK. Only I will be able to pick this ticket up. I'am *definetly* going to this show (plus 3 others in the states). The ticket can only be handed over in person on the day of the show obviously. Please feel free to ask around for references, my name being Nicky McMillan.

Email me if your interested, We can work out details. Price is of course face value + TM fees.

Like I said I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this purchase. But if your serious about going to this show, I have 1 ticket spare that you will get if you want it. My email addy is

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