bellanut (bellanut) wrote in u2,

I have an idea for a comm and I want to know if there is any interest. The idea is this:

Basically, a weekly post which gathers and organizes links regarding u2 on lj. Okay, I know the weekly post wouldn't do the gathering and organizing, I would, but you get the idea. The LOTR fandom has one of these and it's one of the most resourceful comms I've ever come across. There could be sections such as fan reports, graphics, discussions, picspams, official news, weekly website recommendations, ticket trades etc. Those are just a few obvious ideas, but the comm could include any catagories that fans are interested in. I think it would be especially useful with regard to fan reports for the upcoming tour, but rather than make a specific Vertigo Tour fan report comm, I thought this might be more useful and have more longevity. It's been my experience that this sort of comm compliments the more specific comms but does not render them obsolete.

I realize that I could never compete with some of the amazing websites out there, this would be more a picture of u2 on lj than of u2 on the internet.

Anyway, I would be more than willing to put together such a comm if there's interest. Moreover, if there is interest, this is obviously something that should get started right away. What with (OMG!!!) the first show being tonight and all :)

If you're interested, or if you think it's a complete waste of time, please leave a comment to let me know. Thanks :)

P.S. Here's a link to the LOTR comm I mentioned if you want to get an idea of what I'm talking about.
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