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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"Vertigo" from How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2004)

Thoughts: Were it not for the iPod commercials that made this tune famous, it still would have been one of my favorite vignettes from the last stupendous album. Constant radio airplay (though it has lessened now) also helps. Beyond that, it's a song almost in the same vein as the leadoff single, "Beautiful Day," from All That You Can't Leave Behind. It seems to soar from the driving guitars and crazy drumbeats. It helps also that the chorus is always catchy and, to me, is the perfect short U2 song. Not as anthemic as "Beautiful Day" but it's just the right length of time to make it enjoyable.

Enjoy the kickoff to the Vertigo 2005 Tour, everyone!
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