Jon (gravitysdream) wrote in u2,

Concert concerns

With the upcoming tour I have a few requests should any of you happen to get a few minutes with the boys perhaps you'll kindly pass along...

1st: Mix up the set list, PLEASE! If you're playing more than one date in a city, mix it up a bit! Have some fun!
2nd: If you're spending more than one day in a city, why not hang out a bit after the first show with the fans!
3rd: Perhaps before the start of each concert, have a roadie person run out there and maybe collect "requests". This would help mix up the set list a little and maybe the fans will get to hear some songs they haven't in a long time.
4th: Keep an eye on the arena people. We'll be waiting for you long before you ever get there, eager to experience the revival. Unfortunately the arena folks don't understand this and they tend not to be very nice to us.
5th: Above all PLEASE play With or Without You, it only brings up a zillion joyful emotions and passions in me but I'd kinda like to hear it again.

ok that's my list :)
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