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You guys, I had to make a review about something for my English class.
Yeah, I'm Dutch. My review is about U2 :P (doh)

What do you think of this one? (any grammar mistakes or so, you know).
Since I'm dutch, I don't know many intellectual words or so, so I made this:

A review of 4 people who want to make the world a better place by making some noise called ‘’music’’.

Broad-minded, progressive and controversial. Does that work? I mean, in this world? With all those conservative people?

Well, you put together:

- 1 megalomaniac (in a positive way)
- 1 smart ass
- 1 tart
- 1 hammering drummer
- 1 beautiful tenor voice
- 1 echoïng guitar
- 1 fast driving bass
- 1 drumkit whose snare-drum always gets the hardest beats
- over 600 sold out concerts
- over 250 brilliant songs
- catchy tunes
- honest lyrics
- fighting for civil rights and fighting against poverty
- religion

Wait about 28 years, and there you have it: the correct ingredients for the best rock and roll band in the world ever; U2.
With songs like ‘’Sunday Bloody Sunday’’, ‘’The Fly’’, you may say it’s a band who wants to protest.
With songs like ‘’With or Without You’’, you may say it’s a band who wants to make extremely sweet songs.
With songs like ‘’Elevation’’, you may say it’s a band who wants to make only songs just for fun.
With songs like ‘’Desire’’, you may say it’s a band who wants to put the soul back into the music.
Some say it’s a submarine...
But you cannot put a finger on them. If you’re with some friends and you’re going to name some well known bands, pass U2! Or else you guys are struggling for hours.
It’s just that these guys don’t want to make the same as everybody else. They want to create a sound that’s different, a sound that fits to their own life, but also a sound that fits in the music scene of their time. Those guys are just so variated, with music and personality (clothes, merchandising etc.). If you listen to ‘’Boy’’ (wich is their first record), and ‘’Achtung Baby’’ (’91), you won’t recognize them anymore. If you see Bono with his mullet back in the mid 80’s, and then you’re gonna watch some live outtakes from the Zoo TV tour, you just won’t recognize the guy with the sunglasses (Er, well... Ok, you might, but you know what I mean).

The music is incredibly brilliant. If you listen to ‘’A Sort of Homecoming’’ and close your eyes, you see a whole landscape lying in front of you. So, The Edge can really make some masterpieces if you manage to make songs like that with your guitar. They always seem to make the right music with the lyrics. For example: ‘’Pride’’ is about Martin Luther King, someone who you can be proud of. Well, the music also sounds like pride!
Another example: ‘’Exit’’ is a song about someone who is running away from his life into the night and wants to kill himself. The music does give you a feeling that it is night. The vibration of the songs is dark, but sweltering, and o so still. And then, out of nothing, it’s heavy... Brilliant, every song reflects its own lyrics. If you manage to do that as a band, then you’re one of the best bands in the world.
I can talk for ages about them, there are many more things to talk about, about U2.

With scentences like: ‘’Religion is a club’’, ‘’Everything you know is wrong’’, ‘’Ambiton bites the nail of succes’’, it’s the most controversial band ever. Ok, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan were too. But a band who want’s to make the people more broad-minded, by making fun of the media and by getting angry, on the revolution and dying for the revolution back in Ireland, while playing Sunday Bloody Sunday (this song made more peace in Ireland. Now that’s what I call a band!). This band has more accomplished than any other band who talks about world peace and so.
And that’s the spirit of U2. To make the world and its people more broad-minded.

So, ‘’Hold it up, let it fly... Sing no more! No more!’’
Make the world a better place U2.

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