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A new book, if anyone is interested

Hello, Hello, Hola Boston U2-ers!

I recently went to San Diego (as in Monday) for the tour opener. It was profound for me and made me want to right about the band and their affects on me as I went through the tour with them (I will see them 8 times by the end of the year).

I'm compiling my work in Blog form for now (my handwriting is akin to ancient sanskrit). Its located here:

Some of you may or may not find it interesting and I'm always open to comments and discussions in this blog, which is why I left the comment feature on. If you're not interested, thats cool too.

I'm currently transcribing my stone tables to a more useful digital form, so you'll start to see more and more about Monday's tour opener and such. Its as much U2 as it is autobiographical. After my final Boston show in December, I'll start compiling the Blog into book format with pretty pictures and maybe even some quotes from LJ comments that fit.

Also, there are plenty of spoilers in there and no LJ cuts. If you're staying spoil free `til your show, i'd suggest avoiding it for now.

I will be giving the LJ a clean, U2 appearance shortly, but the words are more important than the delivery, at the moment.

Thanks if you read, and thanks if you don't flame more for spamming the community with this.

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