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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"Pride (In The Name of Love)" from The Unforgettable Fire (1984)

Thoughts: I know it's completely cliché, but this remains my favorite U2 song of all-time. Probably because it was the first song I remember hearing of the band and it was the song that made me fall in love with U2. Yes, once again, I say that I've succombed to cliché, but I don't care really. "Pride" is the song that, I think, defines U2 more than anything else. There is no other song, at least from the time I started listening to music, that so signifies any other band than this song. It's like actors in defining roles. You can't imagine any other band would have the guts to match what U2 did with this song. If I were to hear a cover of this song, I would turn the radio off. No question. No other band can duplicate the signature sound that U2 does. Okay, enough gushing. The song begins on the perfect note and just jumps right into it. The chorus is as anthemic as they come. What's unique about this U2 song is that, ever since I first heard it ten years ago (during a preview for a movie no less), I've developed favorable feelings to different parts of the song. I first loved the backing, driving guitar, then I loved the beginning of the second verse ("One man caught on a barbed wire fence"), then I loved the instrumental bridge (which, I think, remains such a strong solo), and then the "Mmm"'s that followed, and it goes back and forth. I just, I love this song with all my heart. I break into cheers whenever I hear it on the radio or it plays on my Winamp list. It was the song that made me a U2 fan.
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