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I rant because I love!

I just downloaded the Fly video and watched it for the first time. I never saw this video on mtv or vh1 and i can see why. It's kind of a lame video. Just Bono dressed up as The Fly and tv monitors with words and Edge playing guitar. It was probably one of U2's least interesting music videos.

Speaking of bad music videos, I've got major problems with the U.S. version of "Stuck in a Moment" that I'm sure no one is interested in but I'll go off on it anyways cuz I'm bored and I feel goofy. Anyways I made a list of reasons why I hate that video. Everyone likes lists!

- I mostly hate music videos with storylines and this video sure has a dumb one. A kicker misses a field goal and so is relegated to the job of a postal employee. What exactly is the director implying here? That postal workers are utter failures? Hey, a postal worker may not have the most glamorous job but our country would be unable to function without them!

- Boy I hate John Madden! I hope ABC and Monday NIght Live tank because of him!

- Flys vs Lemons?! What other games are played in this stupid football league? Mothers of the Disappeared vs The Bullet The Blue Skies? The Kites Vs The One Tree Hills? The Where The Streets Have No Names vs. The I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking Fors?

- Why is Adam reading a newspaper during a football game? There's nothing like a peaceful and quiet place like a CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL GAME to read a newspaper! That's like reading War and Peace during a U2 concert!

- We get the real reason why Larry never shows a lot of emotion. If he does, then he exposes his belly button.

- What kind of person spends the time and effort to organize hundreds of people only to make out the lame message "YOU SUCK!"? If I was that person, I would have made those hundreds of people make out the words "FUCK YOU HEWSON!"

- Hey if Paul Hewson is seeing pink bunny rabbits while kicking that field goal (which is a clear indication that he's taking LSD) then he deserves to become a postal worker! (Not that there's anything wrong with that)

- How can a wave suddenly change direction like that? That's impossible! The director is clearly a dumbass!

- We see The Edge trip on the stairs during the football game but after the game, he's still lying in the same damn spot! What happened to him? Did he break his back?! Why didn't anyone help him? This isn't a very inspiring video.

- Boy I hate John Madden!

In conclusion, U2 should stay away from videos with dumb storylines such as Elevation and Stuck In A Moment and stick with videos that make them look cool like Even Better Than The Real Thing and Discotheque (my favorite). They should also stick with videos that don't have JOHN "FUCKING" MADDEN in them! (and "FUCKING" really is his middle name)

Boy this is a long post. Let's make it even longer!

Have you seen that Enrique Iglesias video? That Anna Kournikova sure is a prostitute! =)
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