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Isabelle Guns

hey! i just copied and pasted some posts from the message board..on there's a pic too! :

The original idea was to show the shirts during the lineup party/wait. to show the shirts during the buying of merchandise and finding your seats, and even during the opening act, but to cover up once U2 started playing.

then the idea was to all uncover in one fell swoop as soon as he started to sing ONE. It wont be the last song of the night as they want to give you time to text message your name to the number they show on the screen.

I mean, picture this in your mind:

All the people in the bomb shelter, all the people on the floor look like normal people - all manner of colors of shirts and sweaters and jackets etc. Then Bono starts to sing One....Is it getting better, do you feel the same? and he might have his eyes closed or be looking down, or even looking up at the heavens, and 100-400 people whip off the outer 'shell' and in the lights, the white looks unearthly and sparkling and etheral, and he sees us all, and gets either choked up and his voice cracks, but he keeps singing, or he wipes a tear from his eye and smiles the biggest smile we've ever seen on him, and so do the rest of the guys.

ooooh...i just think it would be so much more effective to 'disrobe' as it were, all at the same time and during that song. And we'd have plenty of time to wear them to the end of the concert - about another 30-45 minutes if they follow the same set list (i think)

but thats just my humble opinion.

hyperextension is handling the food bank thing, and i'm handling (with lots of help) the white tshirt thing.

at present, we are waiting for an email from the food bank and clear channel (the promoters) to say that its a go (they both need to talk to each other first as both are willing but have to coordinate)

once we hear the 'yes' we'll be hitting the media for air time and plugs and the food bank has an in with a local radio station.

as well, once we hear yes, i'll be emailing a letter to about 10 other stations asking for a plug for the food bank, and also a plug for the white shirt idea at the same time. As well, i'll be sending them a banner (see below) and a link to a webpage that people can go to and find out how to make a shirt, what to put on it, and when to show it to the band.

there you have it in a nutshell. the rest is just working out details. :D

P.S. I am getting my "One" shirt made tomorrow at Cherry Bomb.
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