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Skins for Blogger, Xanga, maybe here.

Blogskins.com has a few free templates based on the band, if anyone is looking to fancy up one's layout.

I'm knew to LJ cuts. Crossing my fingers...

Love And Peace Or Else

also has designs for Coldplay and Gwen Stefani, among others. Pretty soon, I'll work on things like this, and once I have some on topic, I'll tell you about them.

Nota Bene: I know you guess aren't stupid, but I think I should warn you, just in case; the images used in these templates are remote-linked, meaning they aren't physically stored on your blog. Be sure to save the images, and replace the artist's locations with your own, if you don't want them vanishing on you.
I took it for granted that they'd stay awhile, but if you aren't careful, your images can be 404ed to dust!

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