xx_u2love_xx (xx_u2love_xx) wrote in u2,

Hey everyone~

I had the inspiration to write my 15-page senior thesis paper exploring the inspiration for and meaning behind U2 lyrics. I am fascinated by this topic, and I believe that even a non-U2 fan could appreciate an essay which delves into the beautiful metaphors of the lyrics and the musical brilliance of the songwriting.

I was wondering if there were any particular websites or, even better, books, that would aid me in my research. While I have my own interpretations of songs, I also would like to read others' opinions.

Furthermore, what do you think? Are there any songs that strike you as particularly meaningful and poignant? How have U2's lyrics affected you? What do you think would make my paper truly representative of U2's genius?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks =)
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