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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"New York" from All That You Can't Leave Behind (2000)

Thoughts: I love how the song starts with just the instruments for 45 seconds before Bono's soothing voice comes in with the first verse. I'm not sure if he's describing New York correctly (about it being very hot in the summer), but he's correct in singing about how you can't sit still in New York because it's always working and moving and active. I've always thought that the city was ready to burst from its seams for years. The song, of course, takes on a heightened significance in the wake of 9/11 (I say even more so than "The Hands That Built America" from Gangs of New York) because they get right to the heart of what the city of is all about. The influx of so many different races of people and the police presence and just describing everything that defines the city. It's a very vivid and inspiring song. The song rides like a wave. The 45-second intro to the bombastic jumping in of the guitars at the 2:10 mark, as it stays with the vocals until the 3:45 mark, then jumps back into bombastic mode at the 4:30 mark. It's remarkable how the band can bottle such emotion and detail into a glorious package like the 5 and a half minutes that embodies "New York".
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