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U2 San Diego Mar 30th Bono was in parking lot after show!

San Diego
Parking Lot

Hi there,

I and three other friends went to the Wed 30-Mar-05 concert in San Diego and had a great time - But if the concert was good - it was a million times better getting to meet BONO in the parking lot after show!!!!!!

Yep - asfter complaining a lot for being stuck in traffic for ~40 minutes inside the Sports Arena parking lot, I spoted a few people conglomerated near a big black Hummer(?!) limmo - I saw people dispersing and "someone" dressed in black steping into the limo... After a few seconds I finaly registered that ti was BONO!! -I jumped out of the car and wen to the limo where I found Bono looking out the window. He smiled and asked "what can I do for you?!" - After my brain registered reality I told him: "Could you please sign this shirt for my friend?". Bono the said "Sure" and grabbed the shirt then asked me if "I had a pen - hey" (DUHHHH) I said: "uhhhh - NO!" - this is when things went from amazing to surreal!!:

Bono then said -" No pen! - Ok let's go find one!" (brain went blank... again) - As he said this he steped out of the limmo and said - "OK lets go and find a pen" - After this time seem to compress... we walked together towards the front of the limo and into the traffic jam. As we walked by the limmo driver (a big burly woman) she screamed (pretty upset) "BONO what are you doing!!!!??" - Bono just contine walking and started asking people "hey - do you have a pen?". In fact, we walked right by some people who would look at each other an say "dude... is that BONO?!!!"

Finally we found a pen and he signed the shirt (thanks to the guy in the car whomever you are who provided the pen). Bono signed many shirts - in fact there was some guy asking Bono to sign his college Thesis - which Bono gladly did. People were taking pictures right and left! - and more and more people started arriving. Among the things he said was "guys, we have to make this a better world: be good to your parents, be good to your neighbor, be good to your friends..."

Someone asked him about the band going to Mexico & he responded "yeah Mexico 2 US 1 " - referring the soccer score for the WOrld Cup preliminaries.

On of my friends gave Bono like three or four items to sign in a row; one after the other and Bono, joking, went on to sing my friend forehead!!! - (he was using a ball pen so Rodolfo's forehed only got a small black line) - People laugh qite a bit with this one!.

After a while - Bono said: "Ok folks I got to go now". As he was about to leave I taped him on the shoulder and told him: "Hey man, thanks a lot for all the great work you are doing with Africa" -he smiled and said "thanks!" - then he left and climbed back into his limmo.

Whata great guy!! - So down to earth!!

Now - If any of you reading this was one of the few lucky ones who were able to snap a few pictures of this amazing event please - PLEASE!! - share them with me. I managed to get BONO out of his limo and did not have even a disposable camera to snap a few pics!!!!

What a great time!!!

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