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Song of the Day

Today's selection is

"Red Hill Mining Town" from The Joshua Tree (1987)

Thoughts: The song just seems to hum sonically so well. Whatever that means. It's really easy on the ears and that's why I like it. It just seems like the kind of song where you have your boombox running on batteries and you're just chillin' on the porch or something smoking a cigarette and strumming on your guitar. At least, that's the imagery I get from hearing the song. I like how there's the single guitar riff that stands out from the rest of the pulsing instrumentation. And the vocals? Wow. By now, in The Joshua Tree, Bono has refined and controlled his voice so well that he's able to manipulate into producing a ton of different ranges, all of which he uses to full effect on this song. The song, as with nearly every U2 song, bleeds passion and desperation and seems to just soar right into the heart and soul. They get down to everything that is essential in their lives, it feels like and just taps into it. The song really just breathes so well.
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