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One Wristbands

Okay, guys.  I've been wanting to order a few of the adult-size wristbands to support the One campaign, but the smallest package sold contains 10 of them.  Singles can be had on eBay I think, but I don't want to send my money to some guy who managed to swipe a box of them off the back of a truck somewhere.  I want to be absolutely 100% sure that my money is going directly to the campaign.

Tonight I placed the order for the 10-pack, but I only need 3 of them. The pack of 10 costs $10.00, but it's $5 for shipping.  That breaks down to $1.50 per wristband.

Therefore the first 7 people to reply and send $1.50 USD via PayPal to will get my extras!  :D  I'll cover the cost of shipping them to you once I receive them, so unfortunely I must limit this to U.S. and Canadian buyers only, please.  I'm only accepting PayPal, so that I can transfer the funds right back into the bank account that I'm using to purchase the set. Additionally, quite a many of you know me well enough to know that I'm DEFINITELY not out to scam anybody here.  I just wanna help get these wristbands out to people. :)

So please comment here and initiate transfer if you'd like "one."  (God, I'm so effin' punny!)  :P

**EDIT #1** If you are in the U.K. and have an extra "MakePovertyHistory" wristband, and you would like to arrange an even trade for one of these, reply here to let me know and leave an email address that I so that I can contact you privately. :)

**EDIT #2** Sold OUT! Thanks for the interest, everybody!
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