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Hey guys! This is from my journal.

I'm thinking I might seriously have to sell my u2 ticket. I just woke up from some little nappy and I feel WAY worse. I think it might be a good idea to stay home and rest and get some work done. I have enough to do this sick weekend besides trying to walk all the way to hp pavilion and sit down for 2 hours at a rock concert feeling like this. So yeah the seat is Section 204 row 11 seat 19 and it came out to $65. Anyone know anyone who might be interested? If so email me. em8snoyarc @ hotmail.com - without the spaces of course. Only thing is they'd need to come pick it up but I'm close enough to the hp pavilion that it shouldn't be a big deal. Let peoples know. Thanks.

This is of course for the San Jose concert TONIGHT Saturday April 9. I just feel way too sick to be going. Anyone interested?
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