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Heart of Darkness set

(Sorry if this shows up twice. Crossposted to U2usendit community and my own journal.)

This may just be my favorite 20 (or so) minutes of music of all time.

From U2's Zoo TV / Zooropa tour in 1992-1993, here's the "Heart of Darkness" set. The music and the sets, and Bono's military-esque costume, it goes from sad angst ("Bad") to anger and rage ("Bullet the Blue Sky") to despair ("Running to Stand Still") and finally to hope and joy, the light at the end of the tunnel (the ending "hallelujahs" of RTSS and the glorious transition into "Where the Streets Have No Name.")

Listen to Bono's slip into falsetto during "Bad," when he first sings "I'm wide awake." It gives me goosebumps every time - it's flawless and beautiful. The Michael Jackson line at the beginning is a little dated now ... or maybe not. ;-)

These are my favorite versions of all of these songs, particularly "Streets," which fills me so full of joy when I listen to it, and makes me feel like I can do anything.

I wish I could load these up in one chunk without the break in between, but listen to them in order and try to imagine them flowing seamlessly together.

And if you then feel so moved, find a copy of the Zoo TV Live From Sydney VHS and watch it with the amazing visuals.

Bad/The First Time

Bullet the Blue Sky

Running to Stand Still

Where the Streets Have No Name
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