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More "One" Campaign wristbands available! :)

Okay, guys.  Due to the overwhelming response to my last post about selling my extras of these bands, I've decided to possibly order another set of 10, exclusively for selling individually to folks here.  If there is enough interest, I would be more than happy to do this. 

While, yes, they are selling them at the concerts for $1.00 each, there are some of us who won't be seeing them for many more months.  So why wait?  :)

For those of you who missed my first post, in order to purchase an adult-size wristband to support the One Campaign directly from their website, you have to buy the smallest package sold which contains 10 of them.  Singles can be had on eBay I think, but I personally don't like the idea of risking sending my money to some guy who managed to swipe a box of them off the back of a truck somewhere.  I want to be absolutely 100% sure that my money is going directly to the campaign.

I know alot of you here agree, and also feel the financial hurt of putting out $15.00 (including shipping) for 10 bands, when all you really need is one or two.  So since I've already sold all my extras from the 10-pack I placed my order for a couple nights ago, and there were still many people who commented that I was unable to to help and absolutely hate disappointing my friends (and any U2 fan is a friend to me.  :D ), I'd like to try to get 10 more bands out to people here who would still like to have them.  I haven't placed the order for these yet, but I will if I can get 10 commited "Yes, I'll buy!" responses from here.

The price will be $2.00 a peice now for this new set. This is to cover both the cost of the package being shipped to me (50 cents per wristband) and then the cost of shipping it out to you.  If it's more than 50 cents for sending it to you, I'll cover the difference... Rest assured I'm making no profits from these what-so-ever.  U.S. buyers only, please.  (Note to Canadian buyers:  Last I heard from intotheheart in Ontario, she has some extras as well that she is willing to sell. Check with her!  :D  )  I'm only accepting PayPal for these transactions, so that I can transfer the funds right back into the bank account that I'm using to purchase the set.  (I'm not a rich woman either, you know!  LOL) Limit of 1 band per request, in order to be able to assist more people. :)

The first people to comment will get these wristbands!  No need to initiate PayPal payment until I have responded to your comment to let you know that I do indeed have enough wristbands left to fill your request.  I'll tell you where to send it then.

Additionally, due to the overflow of requests from my previous post, the following people have priority for this set, and I give you each  24 hours (so until 4:30 pm EST tomorrow) to reply and claim your wristband (once again, only one band per person please) before I offer it up to others: 


On a side note, if you are in the U.K. and have an extra "MakePovertyHistory" wristband, and you would like to arrange an even trade for one of these "One" bands, reply here to let me know and leave an email address that I so that I can contact you privately. :)  I would love to have one of each.

Any questions, by all means please feel free to contact me via AIM (Elevationizm) or email.  :D
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