corianderstem (corianderstem) wrote in u2,

Unpopular Opinion Alert

Okay. So everyone's all giddy because "The Ocean" made an appearance in concert.

Me? I had to go back and pull out "Boy" to see which song "The Ocean" actually was. Yeah okay, it's cool they're pulling out a kind of obscure track. But if they're going to dig back in the catalogue, pick something that's an actual song, not just this short, atmospheric half-song thing.

Are THEY playing it because the die hard fans will jabber about it for weeks, or because they thought it deserved to be played live? Because honestly, listening to a not-very-good-quality MP3 of it, it barely sounded like much of anything.

We could go on and on about old songs we'd rather hear in place of it, but maybe I'm just misjudging the popularity of this song. Do you guys actually dig the song, or is it more of a pleasant surprise reaction?

Is it "Ooh, they're playing The Ocean! I love this song!"

Or is it more of "Hey, they're playing The Ocean! I never thought they'd play this one again!"
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