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Vertigo Tour Icons

Forgive me, for I usually do not post anything about u2 icons in this community.  However, I noticed from an earlier post here that alot of people were interested in the style of icon that's been going around lately, with the bullseye and the tour date of the show they will be going to or have already attended (see my personal icon for an example).  I was inspired to make a set for EVERY SINGLE DATE, including all 3 legs.  :D  The font and style are yoinked directly from imagine_52, in particular... Although I have no idea who originally started this particular style.  Anyhow, if I've left any out, please let me know!  I've organized them by date, so it should be fairly easy to find the show you are looking for.  :D

1.Please comment and let me know what you're taking. Like any icon maker, I like to know where my stuff is going!
2. While credit is extremely flattering, it is certainly not necessary. However, if you would like to do so anyhow, please credit elevationist or ebongray.
3. If you do take anything, then you must be willing share it with others. These icons are not for specific people - anyone can use them!
4. Please upload icons to your own server. Bandwidth limitations bring down good websites every day. ;)

Bring on the fake cuts!

( 1st Leg - North America )

( 2nd Leg - Europe )

( 3rd Leg - North America )

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