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Moving woes

Hey peeps! I'm generally a lurker, had a journal that was actually a member here but deleted that one, and here I am! >_>

Okay, now down to bweeseeness. (business)

I have to move in a couple of months, and I'm trying to sell off all my precious junk. Unfortunately, that means that I've decided to give up one of the things that mean a whole bunch to me - my May 10 Chicago United Center ticket. I thought about this long (several weeks) and hard (you have no idea), and I feel that in order to make my upcoming move as financially painless as humanly possible, I have to just do what I need to do. :(

Now, here's the fine print, so to speak.

The ticket is for Section 328 Row 12. Keep in mind that this is behind the stage. Mayhaps you will have a glance at Larry's arse one in awhile. If no one's pleased with this, then to each their own, I suppose. The price I'm asking for is $45.50, which is the price of most seats in this section. Ticketmaster is evil, and there's no way in hell I want others to deal with those insane fees that I've had to pay. Right now, I need any sort of revenue (my job doesn't help that much), and this is what I have to part with. There's no way in hell I'm selling these on eBay, because they're evil, too.

If anyone is interested, you can either reply to this post, OR email me at cinnabelmont(at)gmail(dot)com. I accept check, money order, or PayPal or if you're REALLY SHIFTY, well-concealed cash, which I really REALLY don't recommend. People who live in Chicago and around the area who are interested can pick it up locally if they'd like. But, yeah, I hate to have to do this, and if any of you were in my situation, you'd probably hate it, too (or maybe not do it at all, who knows). But yeah, the only redeeming quality about this ticket is that it's on Bono's birthday, and that should probably be exciting. I haven't been to a U2 show in about 8 years, and it looks like I won't be going for about another two, but oh well. :( Things must be done.

Thanks in advance, guys, and please don't kill me. Think of the kittens. I'm watching you. *scary sounds*

<3 M
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