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One Wristbands

Some Canadian members of u2 expressed interest in the One wristbands, and elevationist and I decided that since I'll have extras -- and I LIVE in Canada, it'd be easier for me to ship them to you guys than her. So now that I've finally figured out PayPal...

You can find out more about the One Campaign by following this link:

I'm only accepting PayPal, and I'm charging 2 dollars each because of a combination of the difference between Canadian and American dollars, the shipping cost, and the cost of me shipping it to you guys! I should be receiving them soon, as I got an e-mail just last week saying they'd been shipped.

It's an amazing cause, and I hope you guys can supprt it. I have 6 wristbands to give, and I'd like to keep it to one per user, so that more people have opportunities to get them. If you're interested, leave a message below, and I'll give you more information. The first 6 people to comment will get priority -- but if they don't follow through on payments within 72 hours, the next person in line gets their spot. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

They're regular-sized rather than child-sized. Providing that "regular size" is the same as my LiveSTRONG wristband, it's not too bad for small-wristed people like myself, just not tight-fitting or anything :)

PLEASE, do not send me the payment unless I've responded to your comment giving you an OK.

leelee_cakes has temporary claim on one of them already, because she already asked me :) But, if she doesn't want it anymore, I'll have 7 to give.

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