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Hmm. Have any of you been getting an email from some place called I have gotten a couple of emails from this site. There are what looks like at least 100 other persons' email addresses on it, a good number of them obviously other U2 fans. I don't see HOW this wasn't sent to my bulk folder. The email suggest that it has "special ways" for you to get great seats to U2 shows, and they say that they have concert footage from the shows so far on the Vertigo tour, etc etc.. anyway, just find it weird. I tried to take my name off their list & they did not honor my wish, so I am reporting them. I never signed up for this, and I am trying to figure out where they might of gotten my email address from, ahh no telling, guess it's pointless to try to figure it out.. but just be careful people.. I wouldn't even look at it if I were you, let alone buy tickets from them!
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