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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" from Batman Forever soundtrack (1995)

Thoughts: It used to be I absolutely hated this song. When the movie came out and the song played during the end credits, I couldn't stand it. Even at the beginnings of my liking everything regarding U2 (around, oh, 1998), I couldn't get myself to like this song. It sounded so abrasive and uncomfortable, like sandpaper was being rubbed over my ears. Time seems to have been a friend to me in regards to this song. I recently downloaded the song last week and have actually come out liking the song once I gave it a stern listen. Perhaps it's the fact that I've become darker in my music tastes or it's the fact that it's just enjoyable U2, but now I can't imagine why I disliked the song so much. I have really warmed up to the movie too, but that's not really relevant to me liking the song. Apart from the fact that Bono's voice is a little distorted (seems intentional to go with that) and that the song really doesn't have a consistent rhythm, it's a song that makes wonderful use of the bass and guitars built around the descending riff that defines the beginning and chorus. There's a sort of freakish and claustrophobic feeling associated with the song when I listen to it, like everything is closing around me. Which makes the song perfect for clubbing, I would think, because I often get the smoky, claustrophobic feeling from clubbing when I hear this song.
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