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Complete U2 coupon

I guess I'll put my Complete U2 coupon up for grabs. I don't know how much longer it will last-- I've had the iPod since December.

400+ U2 songs is way too much U2 for me, thanks. I'll stick to the albums and some of the more interesting B-sides and bootlegs. I don't need every single mix of "Vertigo" ever made.

Now, I could do the boring thing and give the code to the first person who posts their e-mail address, but that's boring, so.... you all have to post jokes. In two days, the person who posted the joke I liked the most will win the coupon code. If you want to speed things up, put your e-mail address in the same post as the joke, so I can just send it to you once I make my judgment.

Good luck! Be funny!

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