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That's what you said it would be about.

Allow me to preface this by saying that I adore Bono and I prefer to listen to Bono singing over just about anybody else.

That said, I was watching Rattle and Hum this evening, which I haven't watched in a year or so. It struck me, not for the first time, that Bono's voice has changed a lot since then. I mean, whose wouldn't, after twenty years? (Except like, Paul McCartney's.) SO. Keeping in mind that we all love Bono and think he's the Best Ever, does anybody else feel like they'd give an arm, or at least a toe, to be at one of those Joshua Tree shows? I'm thinking specifically about the R&H version of 'With or Without You,' which is just so rich. Bono sounds like chocolate mousse at the beginning of that song. Mmm. Chocolate Bono.


It's a musical journey.

Also, since it's on my mind, how do you all feel about Rattle and Hum (the film)? I know a few pretty hardcore U2 fans who don't like it at all. I can understand that, because there are parts during which I just cringe, but I think the live performances, for me at least, make up for things like Bono reading to BB King. *cringe* And Larry's hand motions while Adam is explaining... I don't think anybody knows what he's explaining, but it's funny. And I like it.

Uh... it's a musical journey...
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