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A fellow over at the u2tours yahoo group posted this recently, and I thought it had some really wonderful information and advice, based on his experience at the Phoenix1 show.  Enjoy!  :)

Dear fellow fans,

Here's a link for some photos from the first show in Phoenix plus a few tips and suggestions. Take the time to read them as it may prevent you from worrying yourself sick.

The photos were taken from the edge of the ellipse, outside of the Bomb Shelter. (I believe in some ways this is a better spot than inside the Bomb Shelter since you get to see everything)

Larry opened "Love and Peace or Else" right in front of us, joined by Bono for chorus vocals.
Bono took over the drums while Larry went to bring it all in after the bridge.
The "rope screens" spiraled in a vertigo.
Bono sings to his dad during "Sometimes You Can't . . ."
Adam strolled all the way around the ellipse.
The UN Declaration of Civil Rights is read and projected on screens above, beside, and behind the stage.
"One" calls for action to join Bono's global movement with scrolling flags.
The cell phone appeal is beautiful and the boys step it up a notch with the text message name display.
A cowboy hat thrown to Bono was first put on Adam, then back on Bono, and then tossed to the crowd.
The Edge tours the ellipse.
ZOO TV returns but now on the ultra-techno "rope screens."
Captain Vertigo stepped onto the rail, looked at my wife to my left, and held her hand.
All of the boys setup on the ellipse for "Yahweh" - here's Larry and Adam to our right.  And here's The Edge and Bono to our left belting out "Yahwehhhhhh!"

Click here and experience a little Vertigo as love comes to town:

Some suggestions:
- If you take part in a numbering system for the GA line, make sure someone stays THE ENTIRE TIME until the arena staff arrive and work with you. A young woman numbered 100 people all night but left at some point and didn't think to collaborate with the arena staff. It made for a somewhat intense hour as those 100 showed up to kick out the 40 who lined up in their absence and the arena staff was caught in the middle of a river of hot emotions.

- Bring a chair, food, drinks, a change of shirt/clothes, and something to do while you sit in the GA line. You don't need to take your stuff back to the car until at least 5:30 or 6:00 since the line doesn't open until 6:30 at the earliest.

- Bring your membership card, a printout of your profile, and your tickets (duh). All I did was show a lady my tickets and she was able to tell me what line to be in. Mine didn't have "FAN" on them but I had pre-sale tickets and somehow she knew. Just bring the other stuff to decrease your anxiety. ;-)

- Don't save a place for friends to join you in line later. Those around you may not say anything since they want to be nice, but after waiting in line for 9 hours, how could they not be a bit upset about your friend who shows up smiling and thrilled to be in front of them.  Be considerate.

- Bring a point-and-shoot camera, NOT one with a detachable lens.

- Shoot flash pictures from 10-15 feet away or your subject won't be lit.

- Shooting without the flash will cause your photos to blur. (notice my own)

- Bring earplugs for Kings of Leon. They're talented but the lead singer's voice is piercing and can be painful.

- Say thank you to the arena staff when you get a chance, they are surprised and grateful to hear it.

- Enjoy the show and share it with others when you return so that others can catch the Vertigo that we are blessed to experience.

Bono says "God bless you" all the time. Start noticing those blessings, thank God for them, and help Africa as an act of appreciation.


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