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Song of The Day

Today's selection is

"Staring at The Sun" from Pop (1997)

Thoughts: I first heard this song from a music video from Launch.com and I thought it was ok. It's really soulful and I like the instrumentation, but there's this missing element that makes me want to put it over the top into the echelon of "U2 songs that I really like". I love the title of the song and how it evokes a sense of sunny, optimistic days that come with spring and summer, but then, there's a large brooding feeling that comes from some of the song. I really like the bridge:

Intransigence is all around
Military still in town
Armour plated suits and ties
Daddy just won't say goodbye
Referee won't blow the whistle
God is good but will he listen?
I`m nearly great
But there's something I'm missing
I left in the duty-free
Though you never really belonged to me

I like it because of its simplicity and the fact that some of the main instruments dropped out. It feels more intimate than the rest of the song.

Happy 4/20 day, everyone!
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