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A little fun with the Zooropean languages...

Howdy all. I ran across this little meme while browsing around the old LJ and thought that it was quite amusing.

Apparently you're supposed to go to Google Language Tools, pick a song that you fancy and then translate it from English to German. Then you translate it from German to French. After that you translate it back into English from French and hilarity ensues as you try to force your flist to guess what the song is.

So on a lark I hopped over to U2.com and picked whatever song came into my head.

Hilarity ensued:

Sometimes, I believe, as I do not know it that sometimes, I re-examine outside like direction. I would not like can be to it false receipt strongly always and likes that it is not length. OH -, of sugars, not him cry. OH -, the tears of your eyes essuient the child. They know that me it strongly and the day which he is dark, since must be the night a long time is. you like waste believe, form me with feeling properly. I am in the black, donot can be seen or considering. Baby, baby, baby, to clarify my manner. Well now, to clarify the baby, baby, baby, my manner. They bury your treasure, in which it cannot be found, your loves a secrecy are however which is led around. There is a Silence which comes to a house, in which nobody cannot sleep. I estimate that the price of the loves is; I know that it is not inexpensive. OH -, to concern, baby, baby, baby, to clarify my manner. OH -, to concern, the baby, baby, the baby, to light my baby in manner, baby, baby, to clarify my manner. I remember, above when we could sleep on stones. We are together in now murmuring and of Aechzen. When I was confused completely in top and heard me that the opera in my head was your love a lamp which hangs on my bed. Baby, baby, baby, to clarify my manner. OH -, the baby, go baby, baby, clarify my manner above
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