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Strange pick & and other stuff for Denver 2nd show

I know some people didn't want to hear it, but I did: Original of the Species. Right before 40. Strange they did it, but I liked it a lot, and the people I was with (read about the girl on stage below) wanted to hear it. I thought it was great

I would give you the entire set list but I never remember songs, I hate writing things down in a concert, and well... yeah.

I just thought I'd mention... the woman who got on the stage tonight? Wasn't me. Nope. But it was a friend of mine... the French teacher at my old high school. While I was certainly jealous (because we were all standing there helping draw Bono's attention to her), she's been a fan for 20 years and this was her 11th concert. I'm a youngin'... have hardly been around that long.

If you did not happen to catch what was on the sign that Bono held up before pulling her from the crowd, it was the sign her husband was holding, and it said, "PLEASE TOUCH MY WIFE." I think Bono liked it.

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