Dr. Who (hapavox) wrote in u2,
Dr. Who

"Hidden Characters?"

Most of the long-time U2 diehard fans probably know all the following info. by now concerning the subliminal findings on Passengers:Original Soundtracks 1 but I'll repeat for all that don't know some of the hidden characters featured on the text of the sleeve when you read and take a look at it. You have to unscramble the letters of the character names that appear your cd sleeve copy of this album...

Ben O'Rian=Brian Eno
C.S.J Bofop=Brian Eno(shift each letter by of his name by one character and you get CSJBO FOP!)

Peter Von Heneiken=Paul McGuinness
Jutta Minnit="Just a minute"(inside joke)
Venda Davis=David Evans(Edge's real name)
Tanya Mcload=Adam Clayton
Kiley Sue LaLonne=Anne-Louise Kelly(album production manager)
Pi Hoo-Sun=phoenetic for 'P. Hewson' er' Paul Hewson(Bono's real name)
Tony Corbin=Anton Corbijn(photographer)
Barry Boedders=Des Broadberry(studio technician also credited with the sequencers in the track 'Always Forever Now')

Plus, I could only think of *3 films* on this so-called 'soundtrack album' that are actually real...Miss Sarajevo, Ghost in the Shell, and Beyond the Clouds were all independent motion picture releases. The rest of the films are fictitious. Hence, some of the character names above that appear in some of these...
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