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Where would you go with the following?????

I already posted it all over zootopia and have sent it to (u2.com) tech support.. I need advice on who to fucking contact. I am *really* pissed off!

"I have a problem. I drove from Billings Montana to Denver CO (9 hours) to see U2 and while I was there I spent $210 on merchandise. $70 of the $210 was for an awesome hoody sweat jacket. It cost $70 because it was the biggest size. Well, it was packed up safe and sound and we came home and there are puncture marks/holes in the jacket. I didn't look at it too good when I bought it because it was hailing and raining and wet and miserable (and I was in the GA fan club line alll day long) and my husband put the stuff in the trunk of the car for me. It was not harmed when in my possession at all. I need to exchange it and do not know how. I am totally bummed out that there are three holes in the pocket straight through to the material of the jacket itself. It looks like it had a sewn on tag that was ripped off or something in the process of making it a vertigo tour jacket. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I already called fan fire and they are no help and said they can do nothing. I spent a lot of money on U2 and I just want my $70 bucks worth of a nice jacket --- not a jacket with holes in it."

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