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Hello Hello!!

August 11th, 2001

(no subject) @ 05:11 pm

Hey guys! First post here! Just joined.
Umm...lesseeee...few things:
From Mississippi...I'm about to be a Grad Student at Miss. State U.
Studying Computer Animation (NOT Disney stuff...more on the lines of F/X for film)
Been a U2 fan since 1990 since my Dad introduced me to them.
Active member of Wire (most of 'em anyways :)
Own U2Heartland which is a list for southern U2 fans.
Been to only 2 shows :( (PopMart New Orleans 1997 and Elevation Atlanta this year)

The Atlanta show was AMAZING. I was dressed as the Fly if anybody saw me..I was in the heart.
And yes I have my own pair of official fly shades and a full black vinyl outfit (costs a pretty penny...spent a months rent on it...put me in debt but VERY worth it :)
I got to meet all the boys after the concert..>I see where Zooromancer left after Adam came out..but then after that they ALL came out. Michael Stipe and Mike Mills of REM were both there as was Anton Corbijn, Ali, and Gavin Friday, Paul McGuiness and more. Phenomenal show.
Anyways got all of the boys autographs and pictures EXCEPT Bono who, although he spent the most time out there..wasn't signing or taking pictures (except for ONE girl).

Anyways...big U2 commitment...today I got my very first U2 tattoo (or first tattoo at all for that matter)...it's the BonoMan/MacPhisto logo from Hold me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me...I'll post a pic of it later on!

I am also pretty active in u2 bootleg collecting...if anyone wants to trade or somethin' lemme know!
Ok so anyways...I guess that about does it for right now...sorry for all the random jumbled up stuff but I wanted to get as much in as possible.
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Date:August 12th, 2001 06:22 pm (UTC)



all the boys came out in atlanta??? ARE YOU KIDDING????


[clutches heart]



oh well. bono sang GBHF to me first night of DC for my birthday (still wouldn't play acrobat, drat him!) and then sat on my head for a little while. :) i guess it's alright that i missed him in atlanta...
Date:August 20th, 2001 12:49 pm (UTC)
i saw you in atlanta-- heard that you were like, #1 or #2 in line, wow. I was hanging out with the bonoism girls during the wait to get in.

now i wish i had waited around after the show! my friend and i were exhausted though. :(

do you have the atlanta bootleg? i can send it your way if you need it.
Date:August 20th, 2001 03:17 pm (UTC)


Yeah my friend Chris and I got there at about 3 in the morning. We were actually the first 2 there and met 3 other girls...so we kinda let them have the first 3 spots and we got #4 and 5...hehe still not bad :). had a blast and we were both exhausted by the end of the concert...but we pressed on and ended up meeting allt he guys :) what fun!!
Date:August 20th, 2001 08:31 pm (UTC)

Re: Cool!

i am so jealous-- i can't believe i let sleep interfere with my plans to meet Bono and rule the world together with him...


U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!