Thierry (moydrumm) wrote in u2,

Some questions and a funny little story

Hi you guys!

I have some questions

In the videoclip of Even Better than the Real Thing, there are two shots of bono walking to the camera while he's saying something, something with Las Vegas in it, this shot was cut into two shots and these shots were placed in the videoclip, what is Bono saying there?

Also, I saw a picture of this shot a while ago, does anybody have this picture? Or a link to it?

Also, is the ''movie'' of the Zoo TV era on DVD?

Yesterday, I went to the ''Free Record Shop'', that's a famous record store in Holland, but not a record store where you can find many alternative things. Though, I saw a huge picture of the ''How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb'' album. So I went to the pay desk and asked to this 23 years old girl when they were going to throw away the poster, so maybe I could have it, and she said: Well er, if you come back next week and ask for me, you can have it *girl blinks her eyes*. And then she gave me her personal phone number and said: You can call me any time for it.
... I'm 16, ok, everybody who asks for my age and hears that I'm 16 won't believe I'm 16: What? 16? No way! I thought 18 or so!
So, I look old for my age, but 23!? No way :P

But well, I'm happy for getting that poster.
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