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Songs of The Day

I had to take my dad to the Emergency Room yesterday and was unable to update on yesterday's Song of The Day. It will be included here.

"When Love Comes to Town" from Rattle and Hum (1988)

Thoughts: I haven't heard this album before so I don't know the song.

Today's selection is

"Walk On" from All That You Can't Leave Behind (2000)

Thoughts: Somehow, this song has become the unofficial lead song on the album (probably because the first verse has the album title in it), and I sort of like it that way. When the album first came out, I always thought either "Beautiful Day" or "Stuck in a Moment..." were the lead songs of the album, but no, this is it. Funny how simple and quickly it happened. "Walk On" just subverted the other songs. I love the song all the same. The way the near-poetic lyrics seem to speak to a lot of people and how it's about leaving behind the past and starting anew. Because the song is played so often, I think it has become the song that most people these days use to identify themselves with U2. It's played on commercials, montages, sports themes and clips, and it's a standard on episodes of television (I remember specifically, the song being played at the end of an episode of Alias, one of my favorite tv shows). Sometimes, it feels just right and other times, it really feels out of place. I think my personal favorite aspect of "Walk On" is the tambourine in the background. It's such an unorthodox instrument for any band to use, but on this song, it works very well.

You could have flown away
A singing bird
In an open cage
Who will only fly
Only fly for freedom
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