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your blue room

oops, let me fix what i replied...

taken from into the heart:

bono concieved of it as a kind of an erotic hymn. he'd always wanted to make a blue record, an atmospheric record. going into the passengers project, he was thinking after-midnight. he was thinking music that you can have sex to. 'your blue room' invites the listener into that erogenous zone.
"i suppose the blue room is an image that people can understand," he says. "but the song is based on the idea that sex is a conversation of a different kind. on one level its purely carnal, but on another its a prayer."

also, i thought i'd add more cos its so damn cool. also the part in here that talks about adam's little bit at the end.

bono says: "that's my favourite song on the record... it's an incredible thing to say to your lover or your maker, "your instructions, whatever the direction" its also very casual. "one day, ill be back / your blue room / hope i remember where its at / your blue room" so its not earnest at all."
it also features adam clayton's first lead vocal on a U2 record. its his voice which comes in at the end, quietly chatting in the background, like a late-night conversation apres-sex.
"adam was talking about the song to me," bono remembers, "and i just wrote down an approximation of what he said and then we decided itd be best if adam actually spoke it.
'a lens to see it all up close' - we wanted to use concrete images to balance the headiness of it all. perspective is an extraordinary thing. everything depends on how you look at it. you get moments of clarity every now and then, when you see things for a second and they make sense. i think religious experiences are like that. you see things from a higher perspective and you feel reassured by that. you quickly forget why - but it did make sense.
"the astronauts had that kind of experience, and i think that's to do with perspective. when you see the earth as this little blue marble, the perspective you have on yourself and on the planet is so dramatic."
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