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I thought I'd share some pictures with you too! (:P)

These are scanned from the books:
- U2 & I, by Anton Corbijn
- On tour with U2

From U2 & I, from Anton Corbijn (Who I had the chance to talk to him, muha)

Bono, photo taken at the shooting of the video ''Two Hearts Beat as One'', on the balcony of the Sacre Coeur, Paris, March 1983

The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr. at the shooting of the videoclip ''New Year's Day'', Sweden, December 1982

U2, photoshoot at the time of the ''The Unforgettable Fire'' tour, Philadelphia, March 1985

On tour with U2, Carter Alan

Bono and Dennis Sheehan, Albany, May 7 1983, Carter Alan

Bono, Tower Theater, Philadelphia, May 1983, Deborah Padova

This version is the scanned version

And this is the edited version! (I really love this one!)
Bono and The Edge, ''Cross of lights'', Brown University, Providence, Marth 20 1982, Derril Bazzy

This is the artwork that inspired U2 for making ''The Unforgettable Fire'', this artwork was made by survivors of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, the artwork is kept safe in the ''Peace Museum''

I went to some flea-markets today, because of ''Queens Day'' (that's the day that the Dutch Queen gives her birthday, yeah way we got a president :P), it is a tradition that almost every town has a flea-market that day. So, in my local town flea-market I found this book: On tour with U2, it's full with information about U2 and touring from the beginning to 1992! I would recommend it to you all.
This book was made by the first DJ who played U2 in the US on the radio.

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