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The story of how I'm getting to go see U2.

I just had to share this with people who would understand. I don't know anyone who shares my affection for U2 but you all. It's kind of long but here it is.

This is the story of a girl who thought the only way she'd ever be able to go see U2 (at least within the next 3 or 4 years) was when she died and went to Heaven.

I am from Alabama, so there were not many U2 dates coming near me, except for Atlanta on Friday, November 18th. However, I am also a college student and although I hadn't registered for fall classes, I figured I would probably have Friday classes and that would make me unable to attend the concert. (Atlanta is 4 hours away from here.) I was really saddened because of this.

However, when I saw U2 had added an additional date that Saturday, I was filled with joy - but the same problem rose to get there? I live at home with my parents and they're kind of strict. There was no way they'd let me go by myself, or with my best friend....2 girls alone in Atlanta? Not to mention the fact I'm poor and couldn't really afford tickets, and the fact my best friend isn't that much of a U2 fan. I mean, she likes them, but not nearly as much as I do. It was just too short notice to try to get something together. I could've asked my dad, because he likes U2 as well, but I hated to ask because he'd already spent a ton of money on my U2 obsession for Christmas (he got me the iPod). So I reigned myself to the fact I just wasn't going.

Flash forward to last week. My boss (who is 10 years older than me) calls my cellphone and leaves a message saying he has something he thinks I'd be interested in. To me, this is really weird. He called on his cell phone but I still called my workplace back anyway, with no answer. So I called his cellphone. He said he had U2 tickets and asked if I wanted to go. I was completely and utterly shocked. A friend of his had them and then found out he couldn't go. This struck me as weird because my boss always teases me about U2, criticizes them, and makes fun of them. (He has been inappropriate in the past - once he left a rose on my car and he gave me a book). Long story short, I told him no, of course. My parents would never let me go to a concert 4 hours away with my boss, who is ten years older than me. (I'm 19 by the way). And I didn't want to go. It broke my heart that I had these tickets waved in front of my face (literally) by one of the only people on Earth I would never, ever go with. Someone who didn't even like U2 that much and didn't deserve those tickets. Once again let down, I told myself I wasn't going. 

The next day (Saturday) my Dad surprised me telling me he'd gotten tickets. Apparently, he got them from some Atlanta based website company. ( Scalpers, yes. I hate hate hate hate it, but my dad did it without me knowing and he didn't mind paying the jacked up price for them. He doesn't really understand. But at least I'm going! We may be in the nosebleed section but at least I'll be there! It will be my first U2 concert ever (his too). Any advice for a first timer?

I'm so incredibly excited I just had to share. I don't care if anyone reads this, but I just felt like you all would understand my disappointment and excitement better than anyone else. I used to read the entries people made about the concerts so far and get misty eyed and long for that experience....and now, come November, I will get to experience it for myself!!

Anyway, this has been long enough. Thank you for reading if you did. :)



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