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Goodies ^_^

I have a couple of goodies for everyone =D

Yay! Over the past several months, whenever I get bored enough, I pick a random celebrity and make a collage wallpaper using that celebrity. Last winter I did Chester Bennington and Madonna, early this year I did Amy Lee, and today I did Bono.
**looks up and realizes she just typed "today I did Bono"**
...**giggles madly**

Ok, moving on..

Tada! That wasn't as easy as it looked. I went around looking for photos, and pasting the ones I liked into PaintShop Pro as I went. And then I realized I'd picked 57 photos... and I never use more than 10 for a collage. So I panicked and narrowed it down to 35. And then down to 18. And finally 10.
I make all of my collages different colours, and so far I've used, blue, pink, and red, and I thought green was apropriate, as Ireland is the Emerald Isle.
Anyone's free to use, it's a high quality png image, though if anyone prefers a jpeg instead (grainier), I've uploaded it here: Click!
Anyway, free to use for whatever, just don't hotlink from me. You don't have to credit me, but it's appreciated.
Also, if anyone wants it in a different colour, I can do that quite easily.

I was searching on a P2P program for videos of U2 performing on SNL last November (I didn't find them, but if anyone has them and wants to share, it'd be nice =D) and I randomly found a video of U2 performing Miracle Drug live on a British TV show called CD:UK, so I thought I'd share it.

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