Bridgie (starlightm42) wrote in u2,

"No way, Blondie. I NEVER miss a U2 concert!"

U2 Pop Culture Reference:

In mall, upon arriving:.
Kelly: Wow, look at this line
Lisa: Man, we'll never get tickets to the U2 concert.

In mall, after someone kicks him awake Screech thinks the line is moving:
Screech: Five tickets to the U2 concert please.

In mall, right when tickets go on sale:
Ticket Guy: U2 tickets are now on sale, cash only
Screech: I'd like five seats as close as you've got and when I say close I want to see nose hairs.
Ticket Guy: I have tickets in mezzanine and orchestra, what'll it be?
Screech: Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh. Zach will kill me if I make the wrong decision.
Ticket Guy (looking at line): Those people will kill you if you don't hurry up, ok?
Screech: Excuse me fellow U2 fan, would you hold my spot in line, I need to consult my friends.
Fellow Fan: [nods]
Screech: Thanks

In mall, after Screech can't get back in line, the rest of the group tries to cut in line:
Zach to old black woman: Excuse me ma'am. Hi. I wonder if you'd let my friend go in front of you. He missed last year's concert.
A.C.: Yeah and you see he was so depressed that he locked himself in the basement for a year.
Zach: Uh huh and today is his first day out.
Black woman scolding: No way blondie, I never miss a U2 concert.

In mall, P.A. announcement after group has given up getting tickets:
Announcement: Attention mall shoppers, due to the phenomenal sales of U2 concert tickets Tower Records announces a second concert has been added. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. [Tickets are apparently $60.00 each]

In mall, cops are running a sting operation of some kind. The kids find a bag full of cash. The cops pretend to be talk show hosts or something.
Cop: And for being guests on our show, Candid Video's gonna give you five front row tickets to the U2 concert.
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