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Chicago 5/12 ticket.

Hi, I hate to clutter up people's friends pages and all, but this seemed the best and safest venue for this: I've ended up with a spare ticket for Chicago 5/12, and am looking to get rid of it, face value + the evil TM fees, naturally - I just want it to go to another fan and not some scalper or anything.

I'm here from NZ so I don't have a cell phone to contact or anything, but I can be reached over email, shihadchick[at]livejournal[dot]com, or by comments here. I'll be at the venue on the 10th and the 12th, one of the people wearing a blue "Cleveland 03" hoodie - any of them should be able to get hold of me, so if I haven't sold it by then, please feel free to come up and ask if you're there.

The ticket's in section 117, row 13, seat 8. It is rear view, but I sat in that spot (almost exactly) for Denver 2 and it was freaking brilliant - being THAT close was well worth them not facing me constantly, and they do all play to the rear crowd a lot, too. And besides, as I'm sure we all know - being in the building is the most important part, anyway. It was a $95 seat, so I'm looking for $115 for it (I paid $120 - ticketmaster enjoys charging the hell out of me, it appears.)

Thanks for the indulgence, and I hope everyone catching shows in the near future has a great time. Cheers.

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