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So, I'm sure most of you are aware of Willie William's tour diary available at u2.com for fanclub members. Well, I've been wanting an RSS feed for it for LJ as I don't check u2.com as often as I do my friends page. However, you can't do one as it's not a public blog.

Then I got the idea to make a community for it, instead. One dedicated to just Willie's entries, available for u2.com members and non-members to enjoy on their own friend's page. shinelikeaspoon offered to help out as she checks u2.com a great deal more than I do and loves Mr. Williams even more than I do as well.

Hence, willies_diary was born.

Feel free to join and enjoy the always entertaining and enlightening stories of being on the road with U2 by one of the greatest minds of our age.

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