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United Center 5/9

It feels so strange to only go to 1 U2 show! I hope to get some GA for the 2 Sept. shows when U2 comes back to Chicago. I am constrained by the cost this time around and that sucks. I feel lucky I got a pair of tix for $75 each on eBay after U2 sold out United Center.

So I saw the boys Monday night and wish I was down in GA b/c a show is so much better closer to the stage. I was up in the nosebleed seats behind Adam. For Elevation I lined up early, but not early enough to get inside the heart, and ended up just outside the heart. I had my 35mm camera and took some really kick ass, professional looking photos of Bono & Edge. No photos this time around.

My opinion of the May 9th show? It was good but not one of the best performances. I think my crappy seats had a lot to do with it and where I sat the fans actually sat down during some of the songs. What whankers! How could they sit as if they were bored? I wanted to smack 'em all over the head! I guess they didn't care this concert was being filmed or didn't think it mattered up in the 300's behind the stage.

I LOVE U2 and have seen them many times since 1992. I've seen amazing shows, good shows and even one bad show, if you can believe it. I must say that I think the Elevation tour was far superior to HTDAAB but HTDAAB is better than Pop and Zooropa but not better than ZooTV. The music just seemed so much more passionate than it did this time around, not to mention the energy of the crowd was so incredible!

But how awesome it was to hear U2 play Electric Co. and An Cat Dubh and 40! Songs I never thought I'd hear live. And how cute it was when Bono brought a little girl on stage and held her hand as he walked singing Into the Heart. I think her name was Tatiana and she looked about 6 yrs. old. It also was amusing when he brought a girl up on stage to play Edge's guitar and she was really tall. Bono made a comment about big girls and that made me think of one of their B sides about big girls. Bono asked her what song she'd like to play and she said, "Party Girl". So she strummed along, making some mistakes but understandable considering she was playing on stage with Bono singing right next to her in front of thousands of fans!

It was great to be there and I really hope to go see them again! And I don't care what the stupid critics have to say about Bono and U2. I met Bono once and got to talk to him for a bit and he is so down to earth when not on stage. It's great that he still takes the time to connect with fans!

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